The Ballistic Vulnerability Lethality Division (BVLD), * formerly known as the Vulnerability Lethality Division of the Ballistic Research Laboratory (BRL), has been involved in geometric modeling for four decades. From the very beginning, geometric modeling has been incessantly tied to the vulnerability/lethality (V/L) field. In fact, geometric modeling in the Army was specifically developed to support V/L assessments, and its subsequent evolution has continually been driven by the V/L requirements. With this direct connection to the V/L field, the development cycle of geometric modeling at the BVLD has certainly been atypical. Most other modern geometric modeling systems have their roots in the mechanical drafting field, and have subsequently been tied to the design/manufacturing environment. Thus, to understand the development of geometric modeling at the BVLD, one must first consider the history of the V/L analysis field.

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