User:Kunigami/GSoc2011/RT Parameters Proposal

This page is a draft to present the new options to be added RT application. Waiting for review before implementing.


-L # #

The first number will define the firing pattern and the second one the frequency on which the framebuffer will be updated.

- Firing Pattern options:

  1. Normal (default)
  2. Increasing
  3. Multiple Samples
  4. Random

- Frequency of updates

  1. Unbuffered - updates after every pixel
  2. Scanline - updates after each line (default, except for Random)
  3. Image - updates only after the image is finished
  4. Frame - updates after each frame is finished (only makes sense for multi-frames mode)

Table of valid combinations

Fire\Freq 1 2 3 4
1 X X X
2 X X X
3 X X X
4 X


./rt -L"1 2" -- the same as default

./rt -L"4" -- unbuffered random mode

./rt -L"3" -- scanline multi-sample mode

./rt -L"3 1" -- unbuffered multi-sample mode