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*** Reused sub_curve() and sub_surface().
*** Reused sub_curve() and sub_surface().
*** Added and corrected some comments.
*** Added and corrected some comments.
* Sept 19
** Rewrite the code of merging intervals in CCI and CSI
*** Use only one pending interval.
** Corrected some comments.
* Sept 20
** Added more comment to the code, to make it more understandable.
== Final summary ==
* During GSoC '13, I implemented 6 independent intersection routines (point/point, point/curve, point/surface, curve/curve, curve/surface and surface/surface), tested and verified them, and they proved to be robust with the input I gave (even the extreme case). The most challenging task is the overlap cases in SSI (the result is 2D rather than 1D), which takes several weeks and hundreds lines of code.
* After mid-term evaluation, I started to focus on NURBS boolean evaluations with the well-performed intersection routines. The main steps include splitting a trimmed face, inside/outside tests and forming the final b-rep structure. I'm pleased that I stayed on schedule during all these time, and finally finished a working NURBS evaluation routine and COMB conversion. Connectivity graphs take quite a lot of time to implement, and still not completed in some way (e.g. the information lost after the evaluation, because the edges are not shared), but it doesn't effect the performance a lot so finally we just disable this option. If it turns out to be useful later, we can enable it again, and do some modifications if needed.
= Test Results =
= Test Results =

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