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STEP Viewer Project Development Log

Week 01/05/2015 to 08/05/2015

  • I am getting familiar with the source code of libdm and librt.
  • Design and Developing Qt GUI for STEP Viewer program

Week 09/05/2015 to 16/05/2015

As Sean mentioned in brlcad-devel Digest, Vol 607, Issue 1

  • Look in to myriad of examples in the src/util directory
  • Started a sample project which is capable of generating libdm window.

Week 16/05/2015 to 23/05/2015

  • Worked on STEP Viewer functionality
  • Downloaded the current version of the BRL-CAD code and build it
  • Studied the libdm library

Week 23/05/2015 to 30/05/2015

  • Start coding StepViewer
  • First task (as Sean has mentioned) Try to create a libdm window
  • Creation of the libdm window of type X and OGL failed.
  • Creation of the libdm window type of null and text succeeded.
  • Found that libdm is hard to work with
  • No Proper Documentation for the libdm library

Week 30/05/2015 to 7/06/2015

  • Refereed on OpenGL
  • Created a separate OpenGL Window
  • Trying to embed OGL view to a existing Qt window.
  • Success fully embedded the OGL view in the main window.

Week 7/06/2015 to Week 14/06/2015

  • Development of STEPViewer GUI.
  • OpenGL view zoom in/out functionality added
  • OpenGL view rotation according to mouse movement functionality added
  • Displaying the 3D axis system in OpenGL view.
  • Current Code can be found at
  • Referring on how to use BRLCAD functionality to browse the triangles in a STEP file and visualize them in the OGL viewer.