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(Coding Period)
(Coding Period)
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'''13 June''': <ul><li>Understand functions present in [http://free-cad.sourceforge.net/SrcDocu/df/df4/fcgeo_8py_source.html file].</li>
'''13 June''': <ul><li>Understand functions present in a [http://free-cad.sourceforge.net/SrcDocu/df/df4/fcgeo_8py_source.html file].</li>
<li>Added support when Structural element is derived from Sketch object.</li>
<li>Added support when Structural element is derived from Sketch object.</li>
<li>Defined <code>EdgesAngle(edge1, edge2)</code>, <code>checkRectangle(edges)</code> functions.
<li>Defined <code>EdgesAngle(edge1, edge2)</code>, <code>checkRectangle(edges)</code> functions.
Here is the [https://github.com/amrit3701/FreeCAD-Reinforcement/commit/1c2b0c299eb91592ab2c6011ff50535e43438eaf commit].
Here is the [https://github.com/amrit3701/FreeCAD-Reinforcement/commit/1c2b0c299eb91592ab2c6011ff50535e43438eaf commit].

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Community Bonding Period

  • Discussion of a project on FreeCAD forum and on IRC.
  • Compile Qt plugin of FreeCAD to load FreeCAD widgets in QT creator.
  • Understanding the code of ArchRebar object.
  • Added PlacementList property to the rebar object. The PlacementList holds the placement of all the rebars. Pull request.

Coding Period

1 June : Today, officially my all exams are over and from now onwards I will give my 100 percent to my GSoC project. I have written TODO tasks for upcoming two weeks.

2 June : I have found a couple of shortcomings bugs in my scripts which I have shared before community bonding period. Also discussed these bugs with my mentor.

3 June : Yesterday, Yorik (my mentor) gave some suggestion that how to fix these bugs. Today, I was trying to make the logic which will work on any type of reinforcement and trying to implement that logic through programming. Also, explored functions like face.normalAt(), face.CenterOfMass().

4 June : Today, I designed the taskpanel UI of straight rebar in Qtcreator by using FreeCAD widgets.

Straightrebar taskpanel.png

5 June : Today, I have integrated the task panel UI of straight rebar with backend scripts. This script will take input values from task panel and then pass input values to makeStraightRebar() function which will create reinforcement of straight rebar in the structural element. For more detail, here are my commits.

6 June : Today, I have shared my scripts to the mentor for review. Here are the reviews: https://forum.freecadweb.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=22760&sid=edc3a89eda2a484d1af55128b1781e6b#p177059

7 June : Today, I have learnt that how to add an image in the dialog box using PySide. For eg. I simply added QLabel object at the top of the dialog box using Qtcreator and then use label.setPixmap(QtGui.QPixmap(<path>)) command to add an image. Also, followed some links/tutorials to learn Inkscape.

Straightrebar image.png

8 June : Today, I have added checks to my Python code. These checks will verify that user have selected the face or not and if only user have selected a single face then only rebar object is created. Commit

9-10 June:

  • Discussed my approach with structural engineers and found the right way to create reinforcement in the structural element. Link
  • Sent pull request to FreeCAD (master).

11 June: Not done too much, finalised what has done till now and made a planned for things coming in the next weeks.

12 June: Discussed following things with Yorik:

  • How to get previous values (when reinforcement is created) when a user wants to re-edit the current reinforcement?
    • Add properties to the rebar object.
    • Constraint the sketch of the rebar object.
  • How we can check the given sketch is rectangular or not?

13 June:

  • Understand functions present in a file.
  • Added support when Structural element is derived from Sketch object.
  • Defined EdgesAngle(edge1, edge2), checkRectangle(edges) functions.

Here is the commit.