This article provides knowledge about different types of geometric primitive objects that can be exported from BRL-CAD to POV-Ray geometry file. Their properties, functions used for them, parameters are discussed in section below.

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Below is the list of primitives that are working/exported correctly, partially and not touched yet.

Primitives that are working properly


Sphere is formed by Center and Radius Example:

     sphere { Center, Radius [OBJECT_MODIFIERS...]}


Torus is created using major radius and minor radius Example:

    torus { 4, 1 pigment { Green }}

Truncated General Cone

This primitive of BRL-CAD is named as Cone in POV-Ray. It is formed as Center and radius of one end Center and radius of other end Example:

     cone {<0, 1, 0>, 0.3  <1, 2, 3>, 1.0 texture { T_Stone25 scale 4 }}


This is formed by Cylender of POV-Ray. center_of_one_end, center_of_other_end and Radius Example:

     cylinder { <0, 1, 0>,<1, 2, 3>,0.5 }}


This primitive is named as spheroid in POV-Ray. It is having Center Vector, Radius Vector Example:

     Spheroid(<-1.50,3.00,-2.00>,<2.0,1.2,2.5> )


This primitive is formed in POV-Ray using mesh.The mesh object can be used to efficiently store large numbers of triangles. Example:



This primitives of BRL-CAD is formed in POV-Ray by using Round_Cone2 of POV-Ray. Example:

    //point A, radius A: <0,0,0>,0.70,
    // point B, radius B:<0,1,0>, 0.40,)