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Common Header Byte Format

All NetMsgs will contain a uniform header:

Element Length
MessageLength int (4 bytes)
MsgType int (4 bytes)
MessageUUID UUID (16 bytes)
HasRegardingUUID Boolean (1 byte)
RegardingMessageUUID UUID (16 bytes)

NetMsg MsgTypes

Some NetMsgs will need to have custom bodies. Here is a list of NetMsgs, their related MsgTypes, and links to details on that specific NetMsg:

MsgType Description
0 RemHostNameSET
5 RemHostNameSETFAIL
10 RemHostNameSETOK
15 DisconnectREQ
20 NewHostOnNetINFO
25 FullHostListREQ
30 FullHostListREQFAIL
35 FullHostListREQOK
40 NewSessionREQ
45 NewSessionREQFAIL
50 NewSessionREQOK

MsgType Description
100 GeometryREQ
105 GeometryREQFAIL
110 GeometryMANIFEST
115 GeometryCHUNK