More Changelog

This is the changelog for GSoC project. The project plan and specification is located here.

April, 20 – May, 23 - Bonding period

During this period I got to know better Cliff, Sean and other BRL-CAD comunity members and GSoC students.

I used Drupal forums to gather some information about what others with similar projects have done, what modules have they used and how. It seems that most of similar projects used CCK and views to power most of the site features, with some modules specific to their content (audio, content, etc). Therefore, I plan to use CCK and views, too and to suplement those with the custom modules I'll create for handleing BRL-CAD models task.

During discussions with Sean, Cliff and Erik, some of the features were left out, while others were promoted. Among the most import issues pointed out were:

  • model licensing
  • import cad geometry (at least .g files, maybe more)
  • export .g files
  • browsing & searching
  • queing operations (conversions, raytracing, etc)
  • multiple upload methods (some model files could be bigger than '1GB')