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vrot xrot yrot zrot


Rotation about X axis specified in degrees.
Rotation about Y axis specified in degrees.
Rotation about Z axis specified in degrees.

Return Value(s)

No Return Values for this command.


The "vrot" command rotates the view on the current geometry display window. The parameters xrot, yrot, and zrot are rotations (specified in degrees) about the viewing coordinate axes.

If the display is in rotate-about-center mode, then the rotation will occur about the center of the viewing volume. In rotate-about-eye mode, the view on the display will be rotated about the eye. The vars command (or a menu button) allows the user to toggle between the two modes.


mged> vrot 90 0 0
Rotate 90 degrees about view x axis.

mged> vrot 0 180 0
Rotate 180 degrees about view y axis.

See Also

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