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This is a developer command.


view_ring subcommand


Valid subcommand from the below list.

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


This manipulates the view ring for the current display manager. The view ring is a list of views owned by a display manager. Views can be added or removed and can also be traversed or queried. View_ring accepts the following subcommands:

This subcommand adds the current view to the view ring.
This subcommand makes the next view on the view ring the current view.
This subcommand makes the previous view on the view ring the current view.
This subcommand toggles between the current view and the last view.
delete vid
This subcommand removes/deletes the view with a view id of vid from the view ring. The last view cannot be removed (i.e., there is always one view on the view ring).
goto vid
This subcommand makes the view with a view id of vid the current view.
get [-a]
Returns the id of the current view. If -a is specified, all view ids on the view ring are returned.


mged> view_ring add
Add the current view to the view ring.

mged> view_ring goto 1
Go to view 1.

mged> view_ring delete 1
Delete view 1 from the view ring.

See Also[edit]

No related commands.

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