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tops [-g -n -u]


Show only geometry objects
Do not display decoration at the end of each object name.
Keep hidden objects hidden.

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The "tops" command displays a list of all the top-level objects in the current database. The top-level objects are all those objects that are not referenced by some other combination. The hierarchical structure of BRL-CAD databases usually means that there will be a top-level object that includes all (or at least most) of the objects in the database. The -g option shows only geometry objects. The -n option specifies that no "decoration" (e.g., "/" and "/R") be shown at the end of each object name. The -u option will not show hidden objects. See also the hide command.

The _GLOBAL object reported by tops may generally be ignored. It contains per-file attributes such as the title and units.


mged> tops
List all the top-level objects in the current database.

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