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[[Category:MGED developer commands|Tie]]
:: This is a developer command.
:: This is a developer command.

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This is a developer command.


tie [[-u] command_window [display_window]]


Optional. Untie.
Optional. Valid MGED Command_window.
Optional. Valid MGED Display_window.

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The "tie" command is used to create (or untie/destroy with the -u option) an association between a command window and a display window. When there exists such an association, all commands entered from the command window will be directed at the associated display window. The command_window can be specified with MGED to refer to the tty from which MGED was started or an id associated with a Tcl/Tk interface window created with gui. The display_window is specified with its Tcl/Tk pathname. If no parameters are given, a listing of the current command_window/display_window pairs is returned. If only the command_window is given, the display_window associated with command_window is returned. If both parameters are given, the command_window/display_window association is created.


mged> tie my_id .my_display_window
Create the association between my_id and .my_display_window.
mged> tie my_id
Returns the display window associated with my_id.

mged> tie
{my_id .my_window} {mged {}}
List all of the command_window/display_window pairs.

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