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overlay PlotFile [Name]


Name of file.
Name to be used for phoney Objects in DB.

Return Value(s)

No Return Values for this command.


The "overlay" command plots the specified UNIX plot_file in the MGED display. Phony object names are created for each part of the plot file that is in a unique color. The names are created by adding a color to the specified name, or to "_PLOT_OVER" if no name is provided. The color suffix is built by converting the RGB color to a six digit hex number. Each color corresponds to 2 hex digits, so that white becomes "ffffff," red becomes "ff0000," green is "00ff00," etc.


mged> overlay plot.upl tmp
Plot the Unix plot file plot.upl in the MGED display, using tmp as the base for the phony object names.

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