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mater combination [shader_parameters[RGB [inheritance]]]


Combination to have shader values set/adjusted
shader specific parameters
Red Green and Blue color Values. Valid Range: 0-255.
Overrides shader settings in all objects lower in the tree.

Return Value(s)

No Return Values for this command.


The "mater" command assigns shader parameters, RGB color, and inheritance to an existing combination. The information may be included on the command line; otherwise the user will be prompted for it. Some available shaders are:

  • bump -- bump maps.
  • bwtexture -- black and white texture maps.
  • camo -- camouflage.
  • checker -- checkerboard design.
  • cloud -- 2D Geoffrey Gardner style cloud texture map.
  • envmap -- environment mapping.
  • fakestar -- a fake star pattern.
  • fbmbump -- fbm noise applied to surface normal.
  • fbmcolor -- fbm noise applied to color.
  • fire -- flames simulated with turbulence noise.
  • glass -- Phong shader with values set to simulate glass.
  • gravel -- turbulence noise applied to color and surface normal.
  • light -- light source.
  • marble -- marble texture.
  • mirror -- Phong shader with values set to simulate mirror.
  • plastic -- Phong shader with values set to simulate plastic.
  • rtrans -- random transparency.
  • scloud -- 3D cloud shader.
  • spm -- spherical texture maps.
  • stack -- allows stacking of shaders.
  • stxt -- shape texture mapping.
  • texture -- full color texture mapping.
  • turbump -- turbulence noise applied to surface normals.
  • turcolor -- turbulence noise applied to color.
  • wood -- wood texture.


mged> mater region1 "plastic {tr 0.5 re 0.2}" 210 100 100 0
Set region1 to use the plastic shader with 50% transparency, 20% reflectivity, a base color of (210 100 100), and inheritance set to 0.

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