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facetize [-ntT] [-P#] new_object old_object


Specifies that the resulting shape should be saved as an NMG shape.
Create TNURB faces rather than planar approximations (this option is still under development)
Specifies that all faces in the new_object should be triangulated.
Number of CPUs to use for this command. Currently ignored.
Name for resultant Primitive
Name of source primitive or collection.

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The "facetize" command creates new_object as a BOT shape by tessellating all the primitive shapes in old_object and then performing any Boolean operations specified in old_object.


mged> facetize region1.nmg region1.r
Create a facetized BOT version of existing object region1.r.

See Also[edit]

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