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[[Category:MGED|Bot decimate]]
[[Category:MGED|Bot decimate]]
[[Category:MGED bot operators|Bot decimate]]
[[Category:MGED BoT operators|Bot decimate]]

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bot_decimate -c# -n# -e# new_bot_primitive old_bot_primitive


Destination BOT
Source BOT

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The "bot_decimate" command reduces the number of triangles in the old_bot_primitive and saves the results to the new_bot_primitive. The reduction is accomplished through an edge decimation algorithm. Only changes that do not violate the specified constraints are performed. The maximum_chord_error parameter specifies the maximum distance allowed between the original surface and the surface of the new BOT primitive in the current editing units. The maximum_normal_error specifies the maximum change in surface normal (degrees) between the old and new surfaces. The minimum_edge_length specifies the length of the longest edge that will be decimated. At least one constraint must be supplied. If more than one constraint is specified, then only operations that satisfy all the constraints are performed


mged> bot_decimate -c 0.5 -n 10.0 bot.new abot
Create a new BOT primitive named bot.new by reducing the number of triangles in abot while keeping the resulting surface within 0.5 units of the surface of abot and keeping the surface normals within 10 degrees. Note that the constraints specified only relate the output BOT primitive to the input BOT primitive for a single invocation of the command. Repeated application of this command on its own BOT output will result in a final BOT primitive that has unknown relationships to the original BOT primitive.
mged> bot_decimate -c 10.0 bot_b bot_a
mged> bot_decimate -c 10.0 bot_c bot_b
This sequence of commands will produce primitive "bot_c" with up to 20.0 units of chord error between "bot_a" and "bot_c".
mged> bot_decimate -c 10.0 bot_b bot_a
mged> bot_decimate -n 5.0 bot_c bot_b
This sequence of commands will produce primitive "bot_c" with no guaranteed relationships to "bot_a".

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