attr get | set | rm | append | show object_name [arguments]


Object that the attr command will act on.
attribute name/value pair

Return Value(s)[edit]

No Return Values for this command.


The "attr" command is used to create, change, retrieve, or view attributes of database objects. The arguments for "set" and "append" subcommands are attribute name/value pairs. The arguments for "get," "rm," and "show" subcommands are attribute names. The "set" subcommand sets the specified attributes for the object. The "append" subcommand appends the provided value to an existing attribute, or creates a new attribute if it does not already exist. The "get" subcommand retrieves and displays the specified attributes. The "rm" subcommand deletes the specified attributes. The "show" subcommand does a "get" and displays the results in a user readable format. Note that the attribute names may not contain embedded white space, and if attribute values contain embedded white space, they must be surrounded by "{}" or double quotes.


mged> set region_1 comment {This is a comment for region_1}
Assign an attribute named "comment" to region_1, its value is "This is a comment for region_1"
mged> attr show region_1 comment
List all the attributes for region_1

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