Lexer Parser

BRL-CAD needs to be able to express grammars for geometry formats in order to provide a flexible, fast, robust and comprehensive framework for conversion from one geometry format type to another. Ideally, we will use tools designed specifically to generate lexers and parsers to automate the "grunt work" of handling such formats. Candidates are listed below, with pros and cons. Decison criteria include license, portability, ease of integration with our existing build logic.


The 800 pound gorilla of open source lexers. BSD license. Modern versions require M4, which is why existing Windows versions stop at 2.54 - exploring NetBSD m4 as a possible supporting tool. GNU m4 is a possibility if NetBSD's version doesn't work for some reason.

Public domain.

C++, LGPL licensed. Author "doesn't like it to be used for military applications" although he apparently took the clause forbidding such use out of the license itself...


800 pound gorilla for parsers. GNU GPL licensed, which pretty much makes it a non-starter for inclusion in BRL-CAD's tree.

License compatible, implements some of the Bison features of interest to us. Author has been quite helpful. Current front-runner.

License compatible, grammar definition style different from yacc.