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* [[User:MilindaFernando/gsoc2015_devlog|Development Logs]]
* [[User:MilindaFernando/gsoc2015_devlog|Development Logs]]
== NMG Editing / Validation ==
== NMG Editing ==
* (To be updated...) Currently Archer supports table editing for mesh data in BoTs. Editing is interactive, in that when a particular shell of a model is highlighted in the tree panel, users can update its vertex information via a table. Similar interactive editing is proposed here to provide interactive editing of the Non-Manifold Geometry data-structures (NMG) [1] in BRL-CAD. In addition to editing, validation on the models will be performed and the results displayed for the user in Archer’s interface.
* Command-line interface for NMG editing.
* Student : [[User:Bhollister|Brad Hollister]]
* Student : [[User:Bhollister|Brad Hollister]]
* Mentor : Cliff Yapp
* Mentor : Cliff Yapp

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GSoC 2015 With BRL-CAD

BRL-CAD was accepted as a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code!

We accepted 12 exceptional students that prepared quality proposals and demonstrated commitment through quality patches. Once again as an umbrella org, 4 of those students were selected for associated orgs LibreCAD, LinuxCNC, STEPcode, and OpenSCAD.

Accepted Projects

Sigourney: a Boolean Weaver for BRL-CAD

Online Geometry Viewer (OGV)

Online Geometry Viewer (OGV): Backend

Synchronize Wiki with Docbook

G to POV Geometry Converter

OpenSCAD Importer

Object-Oriented C++ Geometry API

STEP Viewer

  • STEP is a common CAD file format supported by just about every major CAD system. Given we have an importer and an interface for displaying geometry, a stand-alone STEP file viewer has some great potential.In the detailed project proposal contains the implementation details, technologies hoping to use in development of STEP Viewer program, main components and functionality of the STEP viewer program.
  • Student : "Milinda Fernando"
  • Mentor : Charlie Stirk
  • Abstract
  • Project Proposal
  • Development Logs

NMG Editing

X3D Importer

ScadLexer for OpenSCAD