Google Summer of Code/2012

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Getting started

BRL-CAD IS ACCEPTED as a mentoring organization in the 2012 Google Summer of Code!

STUDENTS: if you're interested in working on BRL-CAD for GSoC, please review our CHECKLIST to help you get started.

Additional Information

Our Project Ideas page includes a detailed list of project suggestions that are of particular interest. There are also other areas of development that are of high-interest. Students are welcome to submit their own ideas as well.

You are encouraged to collaborate with the developers on formulating projects. Student applications for GSoC are accepted at from March 26th until April 6th.

Accepted Proposals

To be determined.

In the past, we've received several dozen applications by the submission deadline. This year, we're actively seeking out more applicants but aim to select as many qualified students as we can manage.

Your chances with a smaller org like BRL-CAD are generally far greater than with one of the larger more notable organizations.

We won't know how many slots we will accept this year until after the submission deadline but chances are really good if it's obvious that you're passionate about working on BRL-CAD long after GSoC is over. We're looking to grow our developer community, not scratch a summer job itch.