Google Code In/2013/TODO

  1. Post+announce release 7.24.2 (Sean (talk))
  2. Fix style anomalies, update style (Sean (talk))
  3. Add style checker to debug build
  4. Create a GCI branch
  5. Document the program (briefly) on our wiki, similar to the GSoC pages
  6. Create a w
  7. Update the VM image with the GCI branch
  8. Sync our Deuces page with Melange
  9. Write a wiki scraper so we can export Deuces entries as CSV and auto-import into Melange
  10. Create+populate GCI 2013 wiki page with basic overview / instruction
  11. Write a brief article (2 paragraphs) about our 2012 GCI participation
  12. Upload all the completed 2012 GCI tasks to Sourceforge (probably a way to automate this)
  13. Review+apply+close patches for any code contributions (there are dozens still pending)
  14. Create new GCI tasks on our Deuces page, see the template
    • Every mentor should add at least 10 tasks, but discuss so we maintain consistency
    1. Sean
    2. Erik
    3. Inderpreet
    4. Harmanpreet
    5. Andrei
    6. Vlad
    7. Matt
    8. Daniel
    9. H.S.Rai
    10. Guaravjeet
    11. Talwinder
    12. Mandeep
    13. add-more-names-here
  15. Submit our application (Sean (talk))