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# [[ARL Technical Reports]]
# [[ARL Technical Reports]]
# [[Users group presentations]]
# [[Users group presentations]]
# {{pdf|BRL_CAD_g_format_V5|BRL-CAD Database Format, Version 5 (draft)}}
[[Category:Documentation| Documentation]]
[[Category:Documentation| Documentation]]
[[category:Getting started]]
[[category:Getting started]]

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  1. Overview of BRL-CAD
    1. BRL-CAD Industry Diagram PDF icon.png
    2. Installation Instructions
  2. Introduction to MGED PDF icon.png
    1. MGED Quick Reference Card PDF icon.png (Also available as a Trifold Card PDF icon.png)
    2. Shift Grips Quick Reference Guide PDF icon.png
  3. Principles of Effective Modeling PDF icon.png
  4. Converting Geometry Between BRL-CAD and other Formats PDF icon.png
  5. Object Editing - the oed Command PDF icon.png
  6. Interactive Raytracing - The nirt Command PDF icon.png
  7. Vehicle Tire and Wheel Creation in BRL-CAD PDF icon.png
  8. Developing applications
  9. Building from SVN
  10. Doxygen
  11. ARL Technical Reports
  12. Users group presentations
  13. BRL-CAD Database Format, Version 5 (draft) PDF icon.png