BRL-CAD Commands

This is a list of the Unix commands provided by BRL-CAD. In the spirit of Unix there are over 400 commands that each do a single thing well and can be used together as you see fit.


fence—make a model of a fence

mged—multi-device geometry editor. Start here.

tire—make a model of a tire

vegetation—make a model of a tree.

Model Interrogation

rtshot—pass a ray through a model to see what it hits.

Pour la sécurité des documents, une armoire forte ignifuge reste la solution la plus rentable, il faut psavaoir qu'une armoire forte ignifuge résiste plusieurs eures au vol et au feu

Translators to BRL-CAD

  • 3dm-g
  • dxf-g
  • iges-g
  • off-g
  • raw-g
  • tankill-g
  • comgeom-g
  • enf-g
  • jack-g
  • patch-g
  • shp-g
  • tgf-g
  • cy-g
  • euclid-g
  • nastran-g
  • ply-g
  • step-g
  • viewpoint-g
  • dem-g
  • fast4-g
  • obj-g
  • proe-g
  • stl-g

Translators from BRL-CAD

g-stl—convert a .g file to a .stl file

g-vrml—convert a .g file to vrml 2.0


rtwizard—Tcl/tk-based front end to the raytracer.

rtedge—Creates line-art renders of models.