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Personal Information

Name Aditya Gulati
IRC AdityaGulati
Phone Number +91 9996548714
Time Zone UTC +5:30


I am a first year student studying in the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. I am pursuing my undergrad in Mathematics and Scientific Computing. My past projects include cryptography, compiler design, Data transfer protocols, Data analysis, Game designing, Quiz Website design and many more.

Project Details

Project title

Improvements in Online Geometry viewer

Project Details

This project is really an umbrella term under which I'll make different improvements to the OGV. The list of improvements are proposed as below:


The OGV currently does have very good documentation. I am proposing to complete to the documentation for both the users and the developer. This would go on in the background through out the duration of the project. Once I get familiarised with the code, I would start to document when ever I see it useful.

Update meteor to latest version

I would install the latest of meteor to the project and along with it, its compatible dependencies. (I have already done this in a fork, Just working out some kinks is left).

Port three.js to latest version

Just like meteor, I would update three.js to its latest version and make the changes needed to make it work smoothly. ( I have finished this too but is causing the kinks I was taking about).

Data not found error

When you run meteor for first time you get an error that says "Couldn't find a template named "dataNotFound" or "dataNotFound". Are you sure you defined it?"This happens when brl-cad is not installed on server. I would change this error statement to state this exact problem. And change the template to one of the objects.

Email server error

Make a required setting that requires the admin to set up an email server before the signup/login begins.

Edit link not working

Currently the edit link redirects to 404. I would look into it and remove the error.

CSS code improvement

This is a nice one. I would break the main css file into small ones with complete documentation so they are easier to understand and implement.

No error if upload failed

f due to some reason upload of the model fails, there's no error indicating that it has failed. I would look into it and work towards fing it.

Upload progress

I would add an upload progress bar that shows the upload progress.

Mediawiki oAuth

I would implement a login with mediaWiki into the OGV system.


I would create a function such that it automatically positions the object in the center and zoomed just enough to be visible completely.


Community bonding

I would get familiar with the code and along with that fix my errors for Meteor update and three.js update.

Week 1

I would work towards finishing the data not found error.

Week 2

I would work towards fixing the Email server error.

Week 3

I would work towards fixing the Edit link not working error.

Week 4-5

I would work towards the CSS code improvement.

Week 6

I would work towards showing error if upload failed.

Week 7-8

I would work towards making the upload progress bar.

Week 9

I would work towards Mediawiki Authentication.

Week 10

I would work towards the Auto-Position.

Week 11-12