Logo Competition Finalists

Logo Competition Finalists

The results are in! We're happy to announce the winners of the BRL-CAD logo competition. Over the past two months, there were lots of excellent submissions conveying many different skills and interesting logo concepts. The competition was tight with a tie-breaker vote needed to sort out the finalists. On that note, on to the selections!

First up are our two runner-up finalists. One is an excellent retro-industrial theme from Jeffrey Gapinski showcasing the geometric properties of BRL-CAD against a metallic backdrop. The other is a fantastic modern interpretation of our moose mascot theme from Ben Salter.

While both of those are great examples of what we were hoping to see and are imagery that we'd be proud to have represent BRL-CAD, our winning selection comes from Svetlin Angelov! His submission combines simplicity and elegance through a tactful theme we could easily relate to. His mechanical combination metaphor appropriately symbolizes BRL-CAD's construction philosophy and design modularity. Yeah, we just thought it just looked pretty cool too.

So there you have it. Putting the new logo imagery to use will all take considerable time and effort, but the stage is set for many great changes coming down the pipeline for BRL-CAD. Thank you to everyone that made a submission for your hard efforts. (That includes the few of you out there that made hilarious joke submissions!) We hope everyone had as much fun as we've had seeing the collective creative talent throughout the community. Not too shabby for our first contest! (Hopefully the first of several to come...)

Once again, thank you to all of the talented artists that took the time and effort to craft a submission. If anyone has questions or comments, please direct them via e-mail to contest@brlcad.org