ESA Summer of Code in Space

ESA Summer of Code in Space

BRL-CAD has been accepted to participate as a mentoring organization in the European Space Agency's Summer of Code in Space! Modeled after the Google Summer of Code, SOCIS is an ESA pilot project offering students the opportunity to get paid (€4000) developing space-related Open Source software. Interested students should apply soon, before the July 27th deadline.

Students from higher-education institutions within the European Union propose space-related BRL-CAD software development projects and, if selected, receive a €4000 EUR (approx. $5750 USD) stipend over a three month timeframe (Aug-Oct) to work on their projects. Eligible students [1] interested in applying should visit our project ideas page [2]. As this is a pilot program, it's being conducted very quickly, so applications must be submitted [3] to the ESA by July 27, 11AM (UTC)!

  1. Make sure you're eligible:
  2. Suggest or pick a project:
  3. Apply before the deadline!

BRL-CAD is one of only 20 organizations selected to participate in SOCIS. BRL-CAD has a history of involvement in space-related projects including astronomical visualization, concept spacecraft modeling, image analysis, signal processing, and more. By participating, we hope to improve BRL-CAD's usefulness for space-related projects by improving usability. Many thanks to the ESA administration and Open Source supporters within the ESA for establishing such a fantastic program!

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