BRL-CAD Logo Competition!

BRL-CAD Logo Competition!

The BRL-CAD open source project is interested in a new logo so we're holding a competition for inspiring ideas from the community! You have the chance to win cold cash, make friends, and obtain world-wide notoriety. The competition is simple:

  1. Design an awesome logo
  2. Submit your design before August to
  3. Profit! (if selected)

There are cash prizes for first, second, and third place selections plus an optional bonus. Winning selections will be announced by August 15th.

Pen and paper work just fine. Scan it in and e-mail it. You're welcome to use any tools or software to design the logo. That said, you can double your prize amount IF (and only if) you design a selected logo only using BRL-CAD tools. See here for an example of what I mean.

If you're going for the bonus, submit a ".g" geometry file in addition to any image file(s) you provide. In case you're wondering, shoving an image into a .g doesn't count! With our steep learning curve, though, it's definitely not for pansies nor recommended if you're a newbie. The bonus is just for the added awesome factor.

The BRL-CAD "mascot" is a moose. Feel free to incorporate that into your design or come up with something more abstract. Other keywords relevant to our project domain are listed in this file. The current BRL-CAD logo imagery can be seen here.

Some statistical motivation, BRL-CAD is downloaded more than 10k times a month. The website gets more than a million visitors a year. That's a exceptional visibility if we select and use your work. If you need some design inspiration, there are examples of other open source project (and other organization) logos in this image, on this site, described on this blog, and extensively listed here.

Selected design prizes (in USD):

          First Place: $2^7  (i.e., $128)   
         Second Place: $2^6  (i.e., $64)    
          Third Place: $2^5  (i.e., $32)    
100% BRL-CAD .g bonus: 2^n+1 (i.e., double) 

Some basic competition rules:

  • You can submit as many designs as you like and update them as many times as you want before the deadline. You can only be selected once, though.
  • No late submissions will be accepted! Submit before the deadline and incrementally update... Since submissions are via e-mail, remember that dust bunnies may eat your artwork. We'll send a confirmation that we got it, but seriously -- submit early.
  • Ideally, your design should be 3D geometry or a 2D vector image, but it's not essential. Suggest you submit at least one representative 2D raster image (e.g., 512x512) so we get the gist.
  • Rather unlikely, but if there aren't at least three submitters, the deadline may be extended. This is our first competition, so give some slack. Submit your logo design and we'll be 1/3 there . ;-)
  • Even if there are enough entries, the logo selections won't necessarily get used. It's at our discretion only. Prizes will be given out to those selected regardless, of course.
  • You're designing a logo for the BRL-CAD open source project. That means you'll need to grant full copyright/ownership rights so we don't have to hunt you down later. Obviously, you'll still get full credit for your creation. We license artwork under the modified BSD license.
  • Original designs only! Make sure you have the rights to any and all artwork that you use in your design. Please don't submit someone else's awesome as your own.
  • BRL-CAD developers are not eligible to participate because they'll be judging the entries.

Submission Deadline: 31 JUL 2011 @ 23:59 UTC
Selection Announcements: 15 AUG 2011

Send submissions or questions to