BRL-CAD on Gentoo

BRL-CAD on Gentoo

gentoo linuxI'm very delighted to be able to announce that after more than five years of on-going effort by more than 25 people, BRL-CAD is now available on Gentoo's main portage tree. Gentoo Linux users should be able to simply "emerge brlcad" and have a functioning install of BRL-CAD.

What took so long? The nitty gritty details are included in the Gentoo tracking system (#77197), but a couple of the main reasons are passive tasking and "open source growing pains".

Since Cliff Yapp's initial ebuild submission in 2005, BRL-CAD has undergone many transformations across more than 25 releases. Included in those changes that led to the final acceptance of an ebuild by Sébastien Fabbro was a decoupling of a customized Tk; resolution of numerous naming conflicts on libraries, binaries, and documentation; restructuring BRL-CAD's build system to support non-isolated installation roots (without wreaking havoc); extensive build system configurability for using system-installed libraries; and much more.

None of the issues were major obstacles or even time consuming by themselves, and the integration could have certainly happened in much less time if our developer resources were put against it. The beauty of this, though, is that it didn't consume any developer time other than to implement accommodations as they were identified. The open source community stepped up and made the rest happen.

So to that end, I'd like to thank everyone that has been involved over the years including those that worked on the early integration into the Gentoo science overlay, the various ebuild testers, and the Gentoo developers:

  • Mark B.
  • Tim Cera
  • Lucas Chiesa
  • Rogier Eggers
  • Mark Euston
  • Sébastien Fabbro
  • Luis Ferreira
  • Craig Finch
  • Martin Gugg
  • Facundo de Guzmán
  • Marcus D. Hanwell
  • Peter Jensen
  • Joe Krisch
  • Jesse Lavigne
  • Dongxu Li
  • Steve Long
  • Ciaran McCreesh
  • Yosef Meller
  • Christopher Sean Morrison
  • Bob Paddock
  • Thomas Raschbacher
  • Marijn Schouten
  • Michal Slonina
  • t35t0r
  • Richard Westwell
  • Cliff Yapp

Thank you all for your efforts!

If anyone is interested in being our ebuild maintainer, please do contact me off-list, via IRC, or on the brlcad-devel mailing list.


p.s. Recommend USE="X doc examples opengl smp" flags.