BRL-CAD Source Release 7.16.6

BRL-CAD Source Release 7.16.6

I'm happy to announce the availability of the BRL-CAD 7.16.6 source code. We are nearing the end of the 7.16 release line as features continue to be added and stabilized. Barring any unexpected issues, we expect to only make one more patch release before moving on to the 7.18 release line after next month.

Considerable effort continues to go into improving BRL-CAD documentation. Janine Gettier has now converted documentation for approximately 200 of MGED's commands into the Docbook XML format. Jesica Guidice has translated 4 of MGED's 16 introductory tutorials to Spanish. Cliff Yapp continues to work extensively with both to get their efforts integrated so that HTML and PDF documentation are cleanly and automatically generated.

Since release 7.16.4, the following user-visible changes have occurred:

  • added dbot_dump to Archer for dumping displayed BoTs
  • added support to Archer for exporting view in OBJ format
  • new mvall command -f filename option for bulk renaming
  • fixed invocation of external editor for MGED commands
  • fixed BoT raytracing solidity failure on grazed edges
  • increased 'rcodes' and 'edcodes' maximum line length
  • increased maximum path depth supported by 'wcodes'
  • extensive work on MGED Docbook man page conversions
  • fixed unoriented BoT badmagic raytrace failure
  • translation of mged tutorials 3 and 6 to Spanish

Special thanks go out to Bob Parker, Cliff Yapp, Keith Bowman, Sean Morrison, Janine Gettier, and Jesica Giudice for their contributions to this release.

This is a backwards-compatible source-only developer release.