BRL-CAD Source Release 7.16.4

BRL-CAD Source Release 7.16.4

Spanish Translation of MGED DocumentationIt's been a very LONG time since our last public release announcement but regardless, I'm happy to announce the availability of the BRL-CAD 7.16.4 source code! Binaries are not expected for this release, but we will likely be posting them for the next upcoming release.

My records show that our last mailing list release announcement was for the 7.12.4 release (!). Since then, there have been eight releases made totaling more than two hundred user-visible changes to BRL-CAD including major feature enhancements, new tool additions, many bug fixes, and much much more. There are far too many changes to itemize here, so the details can be found (as always) in our NEWS file.

The (very) brief summary (for only some) of the bigger changes include the completion of robust BREP/NURBS ray tracing support, development of a STEP geometry importer, considerable progress on the development of a next generation MGED interface, an interactive shaded display interface for MGED (still in testing), a new OBJ geometry importer, a new DEM terrain file importer, new editing primitives (hyperboloids of one sheet, solid of revolutions, point clouds, NURBS) and numerous extensive enhancements to MGED. Dozens of other tools have also been improved upon as well, so please do refer to the NEWS file for additional details.

Among the changes that have occurred since our previous 7.16.2 release, there have been updates to MGED's gqa, garbage_collect, view, and bot_dump commands. The benchmark suite now provides extensive system information in the summary report. The STEP geometry importer continues to be enhanced and is approaching an initial stable status. Translation of the BRL-CAD documentation (the tutorial series) to Spanish is also underway with several lessons now completed.

Kudos go out to all of our developers and contributors that have helped get us to this point since release 7.12.4. They minimally include thanks to Bob Parker, Keith Bowman, Cliff Yapp, Erik Greenwald, Jesica Guidice, Emton, Jack Devanney, Daniel Roßberg, John Anderson, Nicholas Reed, Janine Gettier, Doug Howard, Simon Clubley, Timothy Van Ruitenbeek, André Castelo, Robert Penny, Dawn Thomas, Mike Tegtmeyer, Stephen Kennedy, Tim Myers, and Sean Morrison.

This is a backwards-compatible source-only developer release.