2009 Google Summer of Code Student Selections

2009 Google Summer of Code Student Selections

I am happy to announce that we have selected five individuals to work on BRL-CAD for the 2009 Google Summer of Code.

We had many more desirable students than we have capacity to mentor, but we were able to finalize selections after an extensive review process that helped us get to know the students, their interests, and their capabilities. Sincere thanks and appreciation go out to everyone that submitted an application.

With that said, here are those selected:

  • Benjamin Saunders
    Further development of the new OpenGL geometry editor GUI
  • Timothy Van Ruitenbeek
    Implementation of Revolve and Sweep Primitives
  • Dawn Thomas
    Integrate parametric equation and constraint evaluation support
  • Joe Doliner
    Improve hybrid representation support through BREP CSG evaluation
  • Elena B─âutu
    Online model repository website

This year, the focus was towards implementing core functionality directly aimed at improving our usability. Three of the five projects are aimed at improving our modeling kernel. Another is a continuation of a GSoC project started last year that moves us one step closer towards providing a better graphical user interface (GUI). The last is a fantastic community resource that has the potential to change the landscape of freely available solid models.

It's worth noting that two of our students are returning students from last year. Timothy and Dawn were fantastic to work with in 2008 and have continued to stay involved working on BRL-CAD since then. Returning students that were successful in their projects are allowed and encouraged to apply again for a second year with our organization. That said, they were still evaluated on the merits of their abilities, the quality of their applications, and the goals of their projects like all other applications.

I hope that even those that are not accepted will continue to remain involved in BRL-CAD open source development. Getting involved earlier on working with the code and open source community has very consistently proven to be one of the best ways to be selected for GSoC (and internships and jobs) because it shows motivation, initiative, and gives others more time to get to know you.

Congratulations and welcome to all five of our students this year!