BRL-CAD Project Statistics for 2008

BRL-CAD Project Statistics for 2008

Included below are some BRL-CAD project statistics that have been tabulated for the past fiscal year, from October 2007 to October 2008. It was rather interesting to pull the numbers to see how we compare to the previous year, so I thought I'd share with you some of the details. Since, we've not ever (publicly) done this before, a few words are worth mentioning before getting to the results...

First off, I'd like to mention that the statistics are reviewed from time to time just as a rough measure for how the project is changing from a community perspective and (more importantly) to see ways in which we can improve. The end of the fiscal year provides a convenient time to run this analysis. As with all lies, damned lies, and statistics, the numbers should not be read into too deeply, used out of context, or used as a basis to justify anything. This is mostly just food for thought and a brief bout of navel gazing.

That said, on to the report:

Over the past year, there have been more than 175 publicly visible changes made to the project averaging a feature change every 2.1 days.

Not included in that count are 110 new formal tracker submissions including 28 new feature requests, 7 new support requests, 46 new bug reports, and 28 new patch submissions (source code contributions). By the end of the year, 128 formal issues were addressed including 18 feature requests, 9 support requests, 75 bug reports, and 26 patch submissions.

Our average formal tracker item age for unresolved formal requests increased from 484 days to 517 days.

There have been approximately 280 mailing list messages on the brlcad-news, brlcad-users, and brlcad-devel mailing lists. This is an increase by more than 160 messages and more than doubles last year's count. That count does not include the brlcad-commits or brlcad-tracker mailing lists.

This year, BRL-CAD participated in the 2008 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) with 4 students working on independent projects including a new prototype GUI, new primitives, a path tracer renderer, and a parametric equation and constraint library. More details on the GSoC projects will be provided later as the projects are fully reviewed and integrated.

The new BRL-CAD website came on-line in March 2008 providing a content management system, a fully-integrated wiki for community-based content editing, integrated news and documentation, and an image gallery. The website is processing more than 1000 raw web requests per hour on average with more than 6 million raw http requests processed since March 2008. A detailed analysis has not yet been performed.

The source code repository was converted from CVS to Subversion (SVN) preserving 24 years of BRL-CAD source code revision history across 20127 files, 147514 CVS revisions, and 29886 change sets. There have been 3228 commits since the repository was converted to SVN on Dec 31 2007 averaging approximately 10 commits per day.

There were approximately 220,000 direct downloads of BRL-CAD from our project site which is an increase of approximately 15% over 2007.