BRL-CAD 7.12.0 Released

BRL-CAD 7.12.0 Released

We are proud to announce the release of BRL-CAD 7.12.0, bringing together many months of effort from the BRL-CAD developers. This version is the most feature-filled backwards-compatible release to date, providing more than 75 new features, bug fixes, and other enhancements. Included in those efforts are enhancements to the Windows port, a new INTAVAL geometry importer, return of the "clone" command to mged, Tcl/Tk dependency enhancements, and much more.

Coalescing after just over a year of concentrated development efforts, this major update brings together a plethora of enhancements, bug fixes, and additional tools ported over to the Windows platform. Notably, the Windows-specific improvements include fixing various issues with file management, porting many more of the available ray tracer applications, adding all of our geometry converters, porting most of the framebuffer tools, and adding MGED classic mode support. There are still areas of development needed for the Windows platform port to be considered "complete", but this release does mark a major upgrade and is a huge improvement since the last 7.8.0 Windows binary release. See for the entire list of changes since then.

This release of BRL-CAD also includes a new geometry converter for the United Kingdom's INTAVAL format from Her Majesty's Ministry of Defence. Through a jointly developed open international collaboration effort by TNO PML and IABG mbH, the new INTAVAL importer has been incorporated into BRL-CAD as a contributed module. Their efforts exemplify the excellent collaboration potential available throughout the BRL-CAD user community for developing and deploying tools quickly.

Of the numerous bug fixes and feature improvements in this release, one of the biggest productivity enhancements is the addition of the mged "clone" and "tracker" commands. Clone is a very simple yet very powerful command that provides an intuitive means for performing patterned deep copies of objects. Tracker provides an interface for replicating objects along a spline path. These 'new' commands originate from modifications originally developed by Adam Ross, formerly of Geometric Solutions, Inc. After receiving considerable updates and rewrites from other developers to once again make the tool work again with the latest BRL-CAD API, clone and tracker are now working and available again in mged.

Also included in this release after a somewhat painful and undesirable (albeit necessary) need to update our requirements to the 8.5 beta release of Tcl/Tk is an update to Tcl/Tk 8.5 final. This update by the Tcl/Tk team brings BRL-CAD one step closer towards providing a non-X11 based distribution of BRL-CAD on Mac OS X as well as a variety of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features.

Finally, this release also marks a major change to the BRL-CAD source code repository with a move from CVS to Subversion recently completed. The conversion was successfully completed with the entire history of BRL-CAD development preserved, accounting for nearly 25 years of continuous active development.

Since the 7.10.4 release, there have been the following significant changes:

* automatic redraw updates after Geometry Browser edits
* improved Geometry Browser mouse behavior in mged
* make fast4-g use GIFT_material=1 and los=100
* fixed Mac OS X 'ogl' framebuffer crash
* removed ogl framebuffer multiple window 'm' option
* tree -d option in mged for limiting tree display depth
* added mouse color query support to OpenGL framebuffer
* fixed X11 framebuffer colormapping bug
* libpng updated to 1.2.25
* fixed several mged I/O bugs for stdin/stdout/stderr
* nirt now uses bounding sphere for -b backout option
* document the signals rt responds to for progress
* libpng updated to 1.2.24
* Tcl/Tk updated to 8.5.1
* mged now runs in the foreground by default
* fixed g-dxf bug where incorrect object name is assigned
* fixed browser-based mged help on Mac OS X
* added rest of BRL-CAD's geometry converters for Windows
* added more missing framebuffer tools to Windows port
* rtwizard enhancments for ghosting and display
* mged reports failure if ray-tracer returns non-zero
* improved mged corrupt geometry file handling
* improved dbconcat object suffix and prefix options
* Tcl/Tk updated to 8.5 final from 8.5b1
* fixed PIX image file creation bug on Windows
* ported rtwizard to function properly on Windows
* fixed mged text-editing commands on Windows platform
* removed duplicate points text-editing ARBs in mged
* improved mged ted line-ending support using Wordpad
* fixed g_diff bug where some differences were missed
* fixed bug evaluating metaball normals
* improved metaball primitive rendering
* fixed bug in mged rcc-cap command when using 't' option
* mged classic mode now works on Windows platform
* fixed Windows-specific raytrace framebuffer delay
* new tracker tool for extracting NEWS tracker data
* converted source repository from CVS to Subversion
* new 'dir2ae' mged command for getting az/el from dir
* new 'ae2dir' mged command for getting dir from az/el
* fixed empty name crash when using mged 'lt' command
* Pro/E plugin allows spaces in part name mapping file
* Pro/E plugin creates 'top.#' if 'top' already exists
* fixed asc2g bug on Windows that caused a crash on exit
* fixed bugs in several Utah Raster Toolkit tools
* fixed mged start-up initialization bug on Windows
* graceful handling of mesh normal failures
* fixed variety of g-iges and other exporter crashes
* fixed crash-on-exit cleanup bug in g-off exporter
* fixed crash when xpush was called on a primitive
* fixed Windows port 'opendb' command crash
* added configurable max_dist depth option to rtedge
* added rest of BRL-CAD's ray-tracers to the Windows port
* enabled embedded framebuffer support in Windows port
* fixed garbled output during parallel crash reports
* fixed memory deallocation bug in the raytracers
* renamed 'hd' hexadecimal dump utility to 'hex'
* renamed procedural 'wall' generator to 'masonry'
* mged 'tol' command now accepts multiple tolerances
* Tcl/Tk updated to 8.5b1. Itcl/Itk updated to dev 3.4
* fixed non-normalized vector bugs with ARBN objects
* pix-png warns if PNG is smaller than the PIX input
* new tgf-g INTAVAL importer
* removed longjmp warning message from applications
* upgraded bundled incrTcl to version 3.3
* fixed bug with -g/-G cell size options to rt
* 'tree' command without args now shows e'd objects
* new pix-fb -p option to pause before exiting
* fixed mged 'B' command behavior with -A and no args
* updated bundled libpng to version 1.2.21
* removed raytrace image continuation code
* new mged 'clone' command for performing deep copies of objects
* new mged 'tracker' object routing command
* fixed crash in mged ls -A attribute listing command
* fixed dbconcat of empty combinations, crash in mged