New BRL-CAD Website!

New BRL-CAD Website!

After many months of effort, it's quite a pleasure to announce that the new BRL-CAD website is now on-line and ready to go. The site is set up to help manage BRL-CAD documentation, FAQs, tutorials, geometry models, renderings, screenshots, data, and all of the other resources we have and make managing that data much easier than was possible before. Ever since BRL-CAD went open source, there has been a mindset that only the absolute minimal required effort would go into the website until it could be dealt with properly. That time, however, has now come.

The new BRL-CAD website provides a fully programmable and customizable content management system that should be able to expand with the needs of the project. There is an integrated wiki for community-contributed documentation and tutorials. Also, the site now provides a proper image gallery for showcasing the various ways BRL-CAD is put to use.

I'd like to extend special thanks and appreciation to Robert Leverington for all of his hard work putting the site configuration together. He put in exceptional attention to detail with many tedious hours of effort making sure the site works the same across a dozen different browser configurations. His patience and understanding as the months frustratingly passed by month after month while trying to get "one more thing" working right was admirable and appreciated.

Hopefully this site is the start of a new platform upon which the BRL-CAD community can discuss, collaborate, publish, and coordinate much more effectively. The style itself is not set in stone, has several remaining issues be resolved, and will likely continue to evolve over the upcoming months as data continues to be migrated. It is, however, usable today.

We are now in the process of populating the site with data. Please feel free to contribute or make suggestions. Even better, jump in and help. The wiki in particular could use some love! Expect more announcements and changes over the upcoming weeks as more improvements are made.