Google Code-In 2013

Google Code-In 2013

GCI LogoOut of only 10 selected, we're very proud to announce that BRL-CAD is participating in the 2013 Google Code-In (GCI) program! Complementary to the highly successful Google Summer of Code program for university students, GCI is a contest through January 6th encouraging pre-university students (age 13-17) to get involved with open source.

Students work on brief tasks related to code, documentation/training, outreach/research, quality assurance, and user interface. Students completing at least one task receive an official certificate from Google, three or more get a t-shirt, and the most active students contend for a week-long paid trip to Google headquarters in California! The program runs from November 18th through January 6th.

The BRL-CAD open source community is honored to be selected for GCI, now in a forth year running, for a second consecutive year. The tasks can be completed by students with practically no prior experience with most tailored to take just a couple hours of effort. With no shortage of introductory tasks helping improve the state of open source computer-aided design, BRL-CAD offers many introductory tasks related to software development, modeling, documentation, artistic design, mathematics, geometry, web development, and much more.

For a detailed timeline of important events and more information see the Frequently Asked Questions. For an introduction and itemization of all organizations participating in GCI, see the Google Open Source Blog and watch their screencast.

In addition to BRL-CAD (a 3D solid modeling system), other participating organizations include Apertium (a translation project), Copyleft (a gaming group), the RTEMS and Haiku operating sytems, the K-Desktop Environment (KDE), the SAHANA Foundation (disaster relief), Drupal (a website content management system), and the Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia's infrastructure).

GCI Flyer
GCI Overview Presentation